How We Build Your Timber Sign

Step 1:

Selecting timber that will last - Australian Cedar

Australian Cedar , Western Red Cedar form sustainable forests, Camphor from tree removal programs for indoor bar signs. All environmentally friendly timber from sustainable or re-cycyled timber sources.

Every piece is individually selected, dressed and tailored to your custom timber design. We only use quality timber that will stand the test of time outdoors. No cheap Pine or MDF here.


timber sign selection
A piece of Australian Cedar has been selected.


Step 2:

Design flexibility

We can design everything for you or work to your design. Once we have done your custom timber sign design, we’ll email it to you for approval and any amendments.


Step 3:

The magic of computers

Our CNC router works for all fonts and sign designs are cut to micron accuracy.


Timber sign CNC machine
Andrew on the CNC machine.


Step 4:

Hand crafted finish signs

All timber has natural flaws. We hand finish all of our carved timber signs to trim up any imperfections. That's all part of the extra love.


finishing a custom timber sign
Andrew hand finishing a custom timber sign.


Step 5:

It’s all in the sign preparation

Your personalized timber sign is soaked in a unique weatherproofing solution (no one else does this). It can involve masking different areas.


Timber sign masked for apint
The Innisvale sign is starting to take shape.


Step 6:

Painting – no shortcuts here.

We only use industrial grade enamel paints for your wooden sign lettering. Three coats with 12 hours drying between coats. Beautiful painted signs in all colorbond colour. We can match your house colour.


innisvale timber sign
First layer of paint applied to the lettering on the timber sign.


Step 7:


The top layers of your timber sign are peeled away and levelled revealing the painted letters. Like magic.


thicknessing a timber sign
Andrew trimming away the timber sign to reveal the painted letters.


Step 8:

U.V. Protection.

The Aussie sun can be brutal so we only use marine grade, natural-oil-based stains and lacquers, applied by hand. Again, 3 coats with 4-6 hours drying between each coat. We want your custom sign to stand the test of time.


UV protection for a timber sign.
Lynette applying the first coat of UV protection to the custom "Innisfree" timber sign.


Step 9:

A Beautiful Timber Sign.

A natural finish sign that lets the grain shine through or a painted sign, it’s up to you. Either way, you’ll receive a truly unique engraved timber sign, finished to your exact specification.


Beautiful custom timber sign
The finished product "Innisfree". A beautiful custom timber sign.