Timber Signs Designed For You

Whether it be for your event or for residential or commercial purposes, Vintage Signcraft creates magnificent timber signs for you. We have achieved more than fifty thousand timber signs customised to clientele making each a unique and individualised sign. Because of the fact that we use natural wood, every sign is unique with its own texture and aesthetic appeal and so no two signs are ever the same. That means that you, as our valued client, gain something truly personalised for you. We are highly experienced with over forty years of being in the industry, therefore, we are well-equipped to create truly wonderful timber signs for your needs and desire. It could be for a Christmas or end-of-year function or a promotional event for your business or organisation or a wedding or engagement party or even a birthday celebrating a milestone, our timber signs will truly impress. We have also catered for park signage, tree identification signs, town and street signs and Council signage, Government signs, film-set signs and residence and bar and café signage; you name it, we can sign it for you.

finishing a custom timber sign
Andrew custom timber sign.

Our Eco-friendly Values

We, at Vintage Signcraft, value environmentally-friendly principles and therefore we utilise timber with sustainability in mind. Our timber signs can be created utilising Redwood which is not known being weather-resistant and aesthetically-appealing but is also from sustainable forests. Australian hardwood and locally recycled Australian Red Cedar and Camphor Laurel which are part of the Tweed Valley forest regeneration program are also types of timber which we utilise and we love the fact that it is recycled or from sustainable plantations. Some facts on the environmental-friendliness of timber aside from sustainability include the fact that timber is energy-efficient and lasts a lifetime. Timber can be lightweight and has a low thermal mass which means it responds rapidly to climate changes and given that it lasts a lifetime means that you are not contributing to the felling of further timber by having to have timber signs replaced every few years. Timber is also said to reduce carbon dioxide so the fact that we only utilise recycled timber or wood from sustainable plantations and forest regeneration areas means we are contributing to maintaining forests which take in large amounts of carbon dioxide. 

Why Choose Vintage Signcraft For Your Timber Signs?

If you check out our gallery on our website, you will find a plethora of timber signs which we have created for our clientele and these reflect our experience and expertise with creating truly unique timber signs for diverse purposes. We have commercial signage for educational institutions, medical centres, accommodation, safety signage and street signs. We have created wonderful pieces for residential properties across Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Darwin and Hobart so we can cater for you wherever you are. We also do wooden country house signs, stable signs and even for Men’s Sheds. Novelty timber signs are great for a variety of purposes including special events or to make a fantastic gift. Think of Christmas, a birthday, Father’s Day or Mother’s Day, engagement and wedding gifts; you name it, we can create a signature gift which is unique and personalised. Some men (or even women!) might like a nice timber sign for their shed or garage down the back of the property to show that it is their domain; it’s a creative and novelty way to express yourself and your domain from the rest of the house. Our workmanship is a careful and mostly hand-crafted process which means we invest love and care into your timber signs created especially for you. We can create customised designs for you and will await for your approval prior to commencing work. Armed with the latest technology, we possess a CNC router technology which caters for all fonts and thus we combine the hand-crafted process with digitisation, the best of both worlds coming together to create timber signs that will stand the test of time and look fabulous.  

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